BEAVERHAUSEN: I’m Into “Something Good”: Martha Wash

WEB_Poster_DAEIDA_Martha_Wash-360x558Martha Wash, who started her professional career as one of Two Tons of Fun, Sylvester’s back-up girls, has been singing professionally for around 40 years now. Can you believe? She is also the diva who brought us to the disco and dance floors as a  Weather Girl (“It’s Raining Men”), and as vocalist on club and radio hits from Black Box (“Strike It Up,” “Everybody Everybody”) and C & C Music Factory (“Gonna Make You Sweat”).

On her second solo album, the recentIt’s My Time, we find Martha awash in rock’n’roll, ballads, middle-of-the road easy listening and what might best be described as disco lite. Will her fans — her club following — embrace this effort? Or will they feel betrayed and abandoned?

Though, sadly, I hate to see Ms Wash relinquish her disco diva status, this album is clearly her attempt to advance from cult fame to mainstream artist. And she deserves to be a household name! Though Miss Martha’s vox on It’s My Time is clear and strong, she mainly refrains from heavy belting. It’s a new, more mellow, marshmallow Martha.

The album, which has largely garnered very positive reviews, opens with the rock-oriented “Alright,” then moves on to the ballad, “Destiny.” There are a mere eight tracks on this album, which might put off some potential buyers, but every song is a winner. Quality, not quantity, people!

The ballad “Proud” is particularly heartbreaking and beautiful; the lyrics reminding me a bit of Bette Mider’s “To Deserve You.”  Martha’s cover of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” is a surprise, and wonderfully covered by old girl. The single, “It’s My Time,” a power ballad, has already been successfully remixed as a club number from Something Good. And the title tune, “Something Good,” with a light dance tempo, also seems ripe for the remixing.

I whole-heartedly recommend It’s My Time. For Martha Wash, it certainly is her time to shine.

By the way, I kissed this Weather Girl and I liked it:

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