Gay Star News: Hallelujah! Original Weather Girl blasts ‘gay floods’ politician


US singer and Christian Martha Wash dismisses UKIP member David Silvester’s biblical theories
by Liam Johnson

148791_389037107845522_1295138876_n_0Original Weather Girl Martha Wash has some news for the politician who blamed gay people for God bringing floods to Britain, saying God loves ‘all people’.

In response to the media storm surrounding the homophobic remarks made by UKIP politician David Silvester, a campaign was launched to get gay anthem Weather Girls’ ‘It’s Raining Men’ to the top of the UK charts.

The 61-year-old Wash, enjoying her comeback in the charts, called the British suspended councilor ‘daft’ and ‘out of touch with reality’.

On her Facebook page, she said: ‘First of all I don’t know anything about David Silvester, but I did read the article about him and his comments and concluded that as a straight woman who supports the LGBT community, he is totally Daft (as the British would say).

‘While he is entitled to his opinion, I feel he is out of touch with reality.

‘To say that “storms and floods were caused by LGBT people and gay marriage”…..Really? He sounds like someone living in the 80’s when it was said HIV/Aids was caused by “gay people”.

‘I think some people need to buy a clue and realize that everything wrong or bad or catastrophic is not caused by gay people. I support same-sex unions or marriages (depending on where you live) and feel it should be equality for ALL!!!

BTW I’m a Christian also and the God I serve is ALL LOVE for ALL People. He knows who he created.

‘In regards to using It’s Raining Men to support this campaign, I have no problem with it. I’m flattered that after all these years, the song is still relevant (even if it is for “storms and floods”)!!’

‘LOL, XO Martha Wash’

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