The Village Voice: Martha Wash Turns It Out On Her Surprising New CD


SomethingGoodCDSplashMartha Wash is known for booming out hits for the Weather Girls (“It’s Raining Men”) and C&C Music Factory, and for her own solo efforts. Well, it’s raining Martha these days because she has a CD out called Something Good, which she sent me. Because I asked her to.

And as usual, her voice has a purity that’s very unique and affecting–she’s one of the best vocalists in the biz. But this time, Martha applies that voice to different types of songs–rise-up anthems and pop-rock covers, not thump-thump disco fare. The result is really fine stuff that deserves high chart places.

I agree with this review, which said:

“Wash moves firmly into the foreground, She does so by making a 180-degree turn from her dance queen days while also displaying a dexterity that will lead many to understand that this very talented artist is at home in whatever genre she chooses to place her musical hat.”


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