Top40-Charts: Music Diva Martha Wash Releases Triumphant Return LP “Something Good”

T4C-230New York, NY (Top40 Charts) Martha Wash has released her stunning new LP, her first in two decades, titled, “Something Good.” The record is a full-length, long playing album that transitions away from her tradition of top-notch, foot-tapping, voice-soaring dance numbers. “Something Good” is a collection of new music from Wash in a different vein than her old favorites, the jukebox and VH1 hits that have not left the club scene since her rise to stardom and fame in the early eighties. Surely, there is not a soul within earshot of a radio who has not heard her infamous dancefloor battle cry, “Everybody dance now!” Nevertheless, Martha Wash may yet be most recognized for her part in the Weather Girls’ 1982 hit, “It’s Raining Men.” “Something Good,” while containing music that is sure to please longtime fans, is more an alternative pop-rock album than a traditional house record.

SomethingGoodCDSplash“Something Good” is a departure from the danceclub manner of excellence fans have come to expect from Wash, and commands its own powerful character among her releases. For one thing, “Something Good” is remarkably, almost poetically uplifting. “It’s My Time,” one of the album’s main singles, is a righteous celebration of the self, an oath to the universe that the indomitable human spirit is not only alive and kicking, but also on the rise toward ultimate achievement and glory. “I’m almost there,” proclaims the first verse. “It’s indescribable. It’s my time to shine.”

Martha Wash has called the eight songs on “Something Good” “empowering,” which is to dramatically understate the point. Wash, herself, who has encountered more than any artist’s fair share of adversity, is a patron saint of perseverence (Wash famously filed suit against Black Box for failing to give her due credit for her lead vocals on their album; the suit was in tandem with another case concerning the Milli Vanilli lip-syncing scandal of 1990). This new record showcases her staggering impetuousness and optimism – not to mention her flawless, Aretha-Franklinesque intonations – unlike any she has recorded before.

“Whatever song [my fans] listen to,” says Wash, “I hope they get something positive out of it. I want them to think about themselves, and about helping others.”

Whether “Something Good” changes the world in some small way or not remains to be seen, but the startling beauty and magnificence that is Martha Wash at this latter point in her career is plain to be heard, right now.

“Something Good” is available everywhere online beginning January 10th, 2013.

The LP “Something Good” is distributed globally by MondoTunes ( and is available at iTunes or for convenient purchase and download

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